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Presenting HELM Hosting ..the future of Windows Web hosting:
Helm has features like no other.."

Helm provides control on every scale..."
The control system for Helm is extensive, and every aspect can be controlled remotely.

Helm is a very large, complex system, but our UI engineers have designed a control panel that is both simple and comfortable, taming the complexity into a very user friendly system.

The control panel has a single point of entry for all administrator, resellers and customers which can be located at any URL

Multiple Interfaces

The UI engineers understand that everyone is different. For this reason the control panel for Helm supports multiple interfaces. When ever a user logs in, they can select any of the interfaces available that suites their personal taste. Additional interfaces are continually being designed and built into the latest versions of the Helm control panel and no restrictions have been made against developing a custom control panel interface!

Functions and Features

Helm is built on the Admin -> Reseller -> Customer model, and although all three levels access the same area each has a different view point of the system. Admin and Resellers can "drill" down through their customer accounts, providing a faster, more effective way of updating customer information without having to log into the customers account.

Online Help

The control panel has an advanced FAQ type help facility. This allows users to ask any questions they may have. The system searches for the best fit queries and responds to the user with the most appropriate answer it has. What makes the online help unique is that admins and resellers can add their own unique FAQ entries for their customers.

The standard control panel interfaces for Helm also have "QuickHelp". This provides information guides for every form and page to make Helm even easier to use.

Manage All Users

At the reseller level you can drill down into any customer's account right through to their individual domains components, such as email accounts. Resellers are given access to all of the features and functions of the customer level.

Manage All Domains

As a reseller you can view, edit and remove domains and domain registrations for your customers. Further functions that can be performed for a domain please view the 'Customers Functions & Features'.

Customer Plan Management

Resellers can create plans for customers to purchase within their own control panels. The customer plans can be individually tailored to the individual customers needs.


Helm has an extensive billing system. Resellers can set up billing for their customers and draw sales reports. As a reseller you are capable of viewing outstanding bills, settle bills online where appropriate or view previous invoices


You can include your own custom HTML headers and footers for your customers. Helm will even allow you to provide custom links that will appear on the customers side bar to go to any location you like such as helpdesks, forums or contact pages.


Helm has an internal messaging system. Messaging is a smart way of keeping customers up to date with the latest information. System information messages can also sent to the messaging service to inform the administrator or other users of any problem

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